Developers announced early access to the game Baldur’s Gate III before the end of the year

According to a Hasbro spokesperson, as part of a briefing at Toy Fair, Baldur’s Gate III will be available early in 2020.

Thus, the continuation of the popular game Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn had to wait only about 20 years.

Earlier, Google representatives mentioned Baldur’s Gate III as one of the games that will be released in the Stadia cloud service in 2020. The developers will show the first gameplay shots of RPG during the PAX East exhibition on February 27. It was stated that the game is being created for Windows PCs and Google Stadia.

Baldur’s Gate III was announced in June 2019 just at the presentation of Google Stadia. The saga will unfold 100 years after the events of the second part. According to representatives of Larian Studios, this will be the largest and most expensive project of developers.

Recall that Hasbro Corporation owns the publisher of board games Wizards of the Coast, which, in turn, owns the rights to video games under the license of the Dungeons & Dragons system.

Baldur’s Gate III

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